Landscape design is very personal and is unique for each client and each site. Peggy Amster works in collaboration with her clients to design outdoor environments that reflect the client's specific tastes relate to the client's residence and are sensitive to the surrounding environment “Together,” says Peggy Amster, “we consider the views from inside the residence. Then we consider the feeling of being within the various outdoor spaces.”

Alternative Designs

Depending on the project, Peggy Amster presents two or three alternative design choices in elevation views. Those alternative designs allow clients to consider several different options and to visualize how their landscape will actually look. The plans may include plantings, pools, driveways, walkways, patios, outdoor structures and outdoor art.

Sustainable, Organic

Sustainable design and organic practices are always part of the conversation.

Project Management

Peggy Amster is a constant presence during installations to make sure that any unexpected events are dealt with and that all details are executed as expected.

Specific Services
  • Master Plans
  • Detailed Planting Plans
  • On-site Project Management
  • Container Plantings